Family Gardening Program


The Family Gardening Program at Hilltop provides a fun, interactive, garden-themed learning environment in which families learn and work together through gardening activities both in the classroom and in the garden! The garden programming is geared towards families with children ages 3-9.  The program focuses on growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers.


This is a FREE educational program that runs March through August.  Participants come to Hilltop once a week for an hour and a half to participate in an activity and work in their garden plot.  Each week, a new topic will be presented and the same activity will be offered at several different times.  When registering, families will specify which time they would like to attend each week. 


A ‘familymust include at least one responsible adult, 18 yrs. or older and one child. There is no limit to how many people may participate per family. You do not have to be related to participate; any combination of children and adults are permitted. Not all family members are required to come to each weekly program, as long as at least one child and one adult attend. Children cannot be left unattended.  While Hilltop staff will be present each week to facilitate activities for participating families, Hilltop staff will not be responsible for watching children. 

Participant Benefits

Participants do not need to bring any gardening materials. All plants, seeds, fertilizer, tools, materials, etc. are provided; however, you are welcome to bring your own seeds or plants. Participants in the program receive weekly gardening instruction through hands-on, family friendly gardening activities.  Each family is provided with 48 ft.² of growing space that they maintain through the growing season. Participants will be able to take home all the produce grown in their garden plot as well as additional herbs and produce grown at Hilltop Gardens. 

Participant Commitment & Absence Policy

The program runs over a 20 week span, and participants are expected to attend each week. Program participants commit to consistently keeping their garden plot maintained and managing weeds in their plot.  If your family will be away one week, we ask that you find another family to take care of your garden for you until you return. Because maintaining a garden plot requires weekly attention, participants who do not attend for more than 2 consecutive weeks will forfeit their garden.

To receive notification when the 2020 registration date is announced, email